Welcome to the 6th annual FORM Arcosanti.

We know many of you are traveling great distances and we’re so pleased by your commitment to join us this year. After reading this Welcome Pack you should be fully prepared for an unforgettable weekend.

FORM Arcosanti is a sanctuary for inspiration - a time and place to coalesce, share and experience. Just as the city of Arcosanti was designed to explore how man can live in harmony with the natural world, FORM reconsiders the music and arts festival experience through a primary focus on community and environment. The intended result is something more personal, collaborative, lean and lasting.

p.s. If you can no longer attend or would like to request an additional ticket please visit our Community Ticket Exchange here.


“The truly exceptional thing about FORM Arcosanti, what sets it apart from every other festival on the planet, and what gives it its air of ecological sanity is that it takes place within and around the prototype buildings of Arcosanti. It does not happen in a converted football stadium, nor in a series of darkened nightclubs or elite galleries; it is not out on an unforgiving desert plain, or a converted farmer’s field.  It occurs, as if by magic, in an architectural community designed especially for events like this. Through extraordinary architecture, the life of this event unfolds not just so spectators can witness terrific performers and performances, but in a way that they participate in the music itself, in the sense of community that Arcosanti’s connected spaces provide. Curved forms that catch sunlight, and views, and allow audience and musicians alike a sense of themselves mirrored by each other; a cultural setting on the one hand, a natural habitat on the other – architecture and ecology - all come together at Arcosanti in a way that they do nowhere else.”  

           -Jeff Stein, Former Co-President of the Cosanti Foundation