Camping in the canyon is one of the most memorable parts of FORM. Perched comfortably atop a freshly groomed field of grass, you’ll wake up to majestic views of Arcosanti, & drift off each night to the Milky Way glowing overhead.

The campgrounds open at 10:30am on Friday, May 10th and close at 10am on Monday, May 13th.

After checking in, the Parkcosanti shuttle will drop you and your gear off at the entrance to the campgrounds.

  • Please be respectful of your fellow campers by taking up only as much space as you need.
  • Individual campsites are limited to 10x10 feet.
  • While it hasn’t been an issue, feel free to bring a lock to secure your tent
  • Solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited in the campgrounds and at Arcosanti overall
  • Tents and camping gear will not be for sale in the general store. If you didn't reserve a Carefree Camping package then please bring your own tent/gear with you.


If you purchased a Carefree Camping bundle please visit CAMP HQ when you arrive at the campground. We will check you in and share the secret combination code to access your reserved Carefree Camping setup!


We have just a handful of Patron Lux Package Upgrades left for those interested in a luxury camping & culinary experience for the 3 days and nights of FORM. Learn more and upgrade HERE.


CAMP HQ / SHOP: New this year! Visit CAMP HQ for info, medical care, lost & found, and to purchase essentials like toiletries, snacks, beverages, coffee, and more.

SHOWERS: Brand new custom-built heated showers are accessible 24/7 in the campground and will be cleaned regularly. Please be mindful of your fellow campers by taking quick showers and be mindful of the environment by using only biodegradable products (Note: each stall will have a soap dispenser with Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap) Also, don't forget to bring a towel.

BATHROOMS: Regularly cleaned port-a-potties and hand washing stations are conveniently located within the campground.

FOOD TRUCKS: A selection of food trucks will be serving coffee, juice and breakfast in the canyon each morning. Food will also be served each morning and throughout the day and night in the Minds Garden. You will use your cashless wristband to pay.